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#1 09-23-2012 10:02am

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09/23/12 @ The Social, Orlando, FL (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 09-23-2012 9:28pm

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Re: 09/23/12 @ The Social, Orlando, FL (Mark solo)

From what I can remember (not in order):

Australian Winter
Glenn Tipton
You Are My Son
Four Fingered Fisherman (E)
Moorestown (E)
Carry Me Ohio
Heron Blue
Black Kite
UK Blues
Sunshine in Chicago
That Bird Has a Broken Wing

I'm sure there was more. I think maybe a new song too.  Place was really beat, as was constantly discussed among the crowd and Mark.  There was a club upstairs blasting a DJ set that we struggled to hear Mark over.  A really weird deal.  I wouldn't surprised if Mark doesn't come back to Orlando.  I probably wouldn't.  Good supportive crowd though.


#3 09-24-2012 6:44am

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Re: 09/23/12 @ The Social, Orlando, FL (Mark solo)

I would have liked to go to this show, but a few things made me wind up not going.  The show being on a Sunday night was hard for me since I had to be at work early today (and I'm an hour away from "The Social"), plus my wife and I already had plans that night anyway.  But now that I hear that the DJ was drowning out Mark during the show, I don't feel so bad for missing it. 

What do you mean the place was really beat?  Like it was run-down and a shithole?

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#4 09-24-2012 6:56pm

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Re: 09/23/12 @ The Social, Orlando, FL (Mark solo)

Any word on what's being sold? Posters by any chance?


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