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#1 10-01-2012 6:20pm

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10/01/12 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 10-02-2012 6:28am

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Re: 10/01/12 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

Attended the show last night, was a bit underwhelmed after reading some of the recent setlists and seeing some of the songs played with a piano accompaniment which was nowhere to be found last night. The show started at 9:15pm, with Mark mentioning how cold it was in the room and asking for his jacket from backstage. After a few perfunctory jabs at the audience "What country are you from? USA? That's what I thought, put your phone away", he started into Alesund. I used to find his curmudgeonly comedy act between songs to be a little off-putting, but now that he does it a little more tongue-in-cheek, I have come to appreciate it and even look forward to it. In fact, he now seems to make fun of his own curmudgeonly nature, which makes it a bit more endearing.

Overall, Mark seems to be a bit more grateful. After basically admitting that the comedy act is tongue in cheek, he then said how truly grateful he is for all his fans (even the guys up front that he repeatedly asked to be switched out with hot girls), and that his first record came out 20 years ago and he still gets to play music while some of his peers from 20 years ago are now "miserable math teachers." He told a story about some girl he brought back to his hotel after a gig in Galway, and he said she was "really hot...crazy hot...because you know, when they're that hot, they're usually a little crazy too" and she woke him up in the middle of the night and said "Mark, what's your dream?" and he replied, "I'm living it."

The show kind of dragged 11pm he was still going and people were leaving left and right. I left myself around that time, both because I was exhausted (got up at 5am for work) and, frankly, I was getting kind of bored and knew the piano accompaniment wasn't coming (no piano on stage). He sounded OK, but not amazing. The version of "Missed My Heart" up on YouTube is far superior to the one he played last night, in my opinion. People weren't sure whether to laugh during some of the lines of that song, given his sarcastic nature and the comedic content of other songs. As for "Sunshine in Chicago," he seemed to change a few of the lines. I wasn't listening closely because that song annoys me, but I think I heard him say "man, those guys are fucking great" instead of the Jolie Holland line...not sure who "those guys" were. He also said "from I don't know" instead of "from Toronto."

Here's the setlist as I remember it until I left:

Duk Koo Kim (kind of a long tune to play as the second song of the night...)
Missed My Heart
Sunshine in Chicago
Moderately Talented
That Bird Has a Broken Wing
___ (not sure, but something)
Bon Scott's Grave (or whatever this song ends up being called, I didn't really like it...a little too dark/minor key for me)
Half Moon Bay
Carry Me Ohio
Ceiling Gazing (surprisingly, as soon as he started playing this song, there were several cheers...where had those people heard it before? Good song, but not as good as "Missed My Heart" in my opinion)
Black Kite

then I left. BTW, saw Mike Kinsella of Owen in the audience...but he ended up spending almost the entire show in the front bar watching football (yes, "American Football" which I was slightly tempted to point out, but did not) and talking to his friends. I overheard him say to his friend, "I don't know any of these songs...I haven't kept up with him, and I honestly don't know one song he has played."

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#3 10-02-2012 7:59am

Salvador Sanchez
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Re: 10/01/12 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

I was hanging out in the bar before the show and overheard some guy talking excitedly about how he was going to see MK for the first time. Seemed like a nice fellow, although he described Kozelek as a "Stud" at one point and it struck me that this amount of enthusiasm might come back to haunt him. I was right.

Skip to later on in the show and that dude is front and center when MK starts his set.  A few songs in Kozelek starts complaining about how he has no "inspiration" in the front row and could this fellow step aside and let some ladies take his place.  The guy said no and MK went into his poor me shtick and generally told the guy to move and not totally "geek out" on him the whole time.  The worst part is, the guy took $20 out of his wallet and threw it on the stage at MK. MK picked it up and said "A twenty? That's well appreciated. Well appreciated."  He actually took the guy's money! Then, to add insult to injury, he said to the guy "I just humiliated you in front of everyone and you paid me for it."  The guy remained in front the entire time. I felt bad for both of them.  People should know to steer clear of MK and just let him do his thing. God forbid you sit in the front row.

BTW - has anyone ever witnessed an audience member standing up to him? I know it's all in fun but MK has to be prepared to take it if he's going to dish it out.

The performance was great, although a bit long. Missed My Heart is an incredible song! Duk Koo Kim was spot on. He kind of butchered Carry Me Ohio but that could have been because he switched to strumming instead of finger-picking at that point.


#4 10-02-2012 8:01am

Salvador Sanchez
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Re: 10/01/12 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

The "those guys" in Sunshine in Chicago was "Advance Base" - the opening band. They have an album on Caldo Verde. He also switched out a line and said something like "Nowadays I just stay home and masturbate".


#5 10-02-2012 8:56am

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Re: 10/01/12 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

I like Kozelek's schtick. Yes, it can be condescending if it catches you off guard. People need to realize he is just toying with his audience. I have seen the guy six times now and he has done something along these lines at every single show. I know it's not his true demeanor as I have met him twice and he was very friendly.


#6 10-02-2012 9:55am

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Re: 10/01/12 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

The songs you missed/omitted were:

Track No. 8
The Winery
Heron Blue
I Know It's Pathetic . . .


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