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#1 05-15-2004 4:15pm

From: Derby, UK
Registered: 04-01-2004
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Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

ok, heres the deal...

We all love pretty much anything Koz makes, he seems to have the midas touch, and although Retrospective is a great culmination of the 4ad years, what would your ultimate 'best of' cd sound like?

it can be for many uses, to introduce someone to the wide world of Koz, or to play in the car saving you from carrying 10+ cds around

Would you go the quick-slow-quick route, an album full of the 7 minute plus epics, or just songs that feature acoustic guitar only?

The only resriction is that it would have to fit on an 80 minute cd...

heres my MK/RHP/SKM best of...

1. Over my head ( a nice intro and a good, upbeat start to the cd)
2. Bad boy boogie
3. Carry me ohio
4. Shadows (just...beautiful smile)
5. Love hungry man
6. Mistress ( band version)
7. Strawberry Hill
8. Find me, Ruben Olivarez
9. Michael
10. Wop a din din
11. Trailways
12. New Jersey
13. Void
14. Si, Paloma

total running time: 79 min 16 secs

i basically chose this as an 'updated' best of for myself, i missed off 'song for a blue guitar' and 'Duk Koo Kim' which im gutted about but all in all its a good choice smile

what about yours?


#2 05-16-2004 2:21am

From: England
Registered: 05-15-2004
Posts: 64

Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd


1. Grace Cathedral Park
2. Brown Eyes
3. Shadows
4. Medicine bottle
5. Michael
6. Songs for a Blue guitar
7. Priest Alley Park
8. Brockwell Park [taken from the Retrospective Disc 2]
9. Void
10. River
11. Smokey
12. Drop
(I dont know if it fits on the CD)
I dont know, when I think about it, I would rather make about 3 albums for Acoustic, Lives, Demos, Solo, Old&New


#3 05-16-2004 11:15pm

Site Owner
From: Bay Area
Registered: 09-24-2003
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Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

the retrospective is pretty dead on, but i would replace Shock Me, Bubble and Evil with:

01. Uncle Joe
02. Grace Cathedral Park
03. Katy Song
04. Summer Dress
05. New Jersey
06. Medicine Bottle
07. Michael
08. San Geronimo
09. Dragonflies
10. Mistress
11. Drop
12. Sundays and Holidays
13. Rollercoaster


#4 05-17-2004 6:30am

Registered: 05-04-2004
Posts: 9

Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

1.  You Ain't Got A Hold On Me
2.  Byrd Joel
3.  New Jersey
4.  Salvador Sanchez
5.  Katy Song
6.  Song For A Blue Guitar
7.  Brockwell Park
8.  San Geronimo
9.  If You Want Blood
10.  Carry Me Ohio
11.  Red Carpet
12.  Du Koo Kim
13.  Midnight On The Bay
14.  Find Me Ruben Olivarez


#5 06-14-2004 8:34am

From: Metro DC, USA
Registered: 04-01-2004
Posts: 50

Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

Eh, maybe not a be-all end-all mix, but if I were to make a sampler for a friend who wanted to know what the Koz was all about it would be:

1.  New Jersey (full band)
2. Love at First Feel
3. Trailways
4. Have You Forgotten
5. Mistress (piano)
6. Void
8. Salvador Sanchez
9. Love Hungry Man
10. Shadows
11. Revelation Big Sur


#6 06-16-2004 12:26am

From: San Antonio, TX
Registered: 12-08-2003
Posts: 74

Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

A "be-all, end-all" mix.  I spent quite a while compiling this for a couple of close friends who hadn't yet heard any of Mark Kozelek's work.

1. Have You Forgotten (Music from Vanilla Sky, 2001)
2. Smokey (Old Ramon, 1998)
3. Over My Head (edit) (Ocean Beach, 1995)
4. Uncle Joe (Red House Painters II, 1993)
5. Japanese to English (Down Colorful Hill, 1992)
6. Shock Me (Shock Me EP, 1994)
7. Grace Cathedral Park (Red House Painters, 1993)
8. All Mixed Up (Songs for a Blue Guitar, 1996)
9. Last Tide (Ghosts of the Great Highway, 2003)
10. Floating (Ghosts of the Great Highway, 2003)
11. Find Me, Ruben Olivares (Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer EP, 2000)
12. Admiral Fell Promises (edit) (White Christmas Live, 2001)
13. Bad Boy Boogie (What’s Next to the Moon, 2001)
14. Trailways (Songs for a Blue Guitar, 1996)
15. [untitled closing instrumental] (Ocean Beach, 1995)
Running time: 79:46


#7 10-07-2004 2:05pm

Registered: 01-08-2004
Posts: 41

Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

I've been trying to condense Kozelek's music to one disc for awhile and it never really panned out. Too many great songs to choose without leaving something out.

Regardless, if I was forced to make an 80 minute covers allowed was my deciding choice (which sadly leaves off Silly Love Songs, one of my favourites...)

1. Grace Cathedral Park
2. San Geronimo
3. Medicine Bottle
4. Have You Forgotten 
5. Summer Dress
6. Between Days
7. Ruth Marie 
8. Song for a Blue Guitar
9. Uncle Joe
10. Wop-A-Din-Din
11. Lilys & Parrots
12. Brockwell Park [demo version]
13. Katy Song
14. Cruiser
15. Glenn Tipton
16. Drop

That's gotta be too I could do though. I really tried to work Kavita in there but it didn't work out.


#8 10-10-2004 9:29am

Bad Boy Boogie
From: Singapore
Registered: 10-10-2004
Posts: 20

Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

Here's the latest I've put together:
1. 78 seconds in August
2. Million and Eight Things
3. Have You Forgotten (Vanilla Sky Version)
4. Song For A Blue Guitar
5. Cruiser
6. All Mixed Up
7. Mistress (Piano Version)
8. I'm Sorry (John Denver Tribute)
9. Silly Love Songs
10. Smokey (Demo)
11. Revelation Big Sur
12. Follow You, Follow Me

Finishes off with a masterpiece...

13. Duk Koo Kim (Acoustic)

Honorable Mentions - Trailways, Love at first sight, Drop, Michael, Kathy Song, Shadows, amongst many others.

"A voice cannot carry the tongue and the lips that gave it wings. Alone must it seek the ether." - The Prophet


#9 10-10-2004 7:59pm

From: New England
Registered: 11-30-2003
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Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

1. New Jersey (bridge)
2. Uncle Joe
3. Have you Forgotten (vanilla sky)
4. Brockwell Park
5. Moments
6. River
7. Mistress (piano)
8. Revelation Big Sur
9. Doo Koo Kim (SKM)
10. Ruth marie

figure its good to have a big intro, slow it down, pick it up with River, then give andother break before the huge Doo Koo KIm. Ruth marie is one of my favorites and its such a great way to let the CD player turn off.


#10 10-16-2004 11:33am

From: Midwest
Registered: 06-11-2004
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Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

1. Japanese to english(live)
2. missteress(piano)
3. around and around
4. if you want blood
5. glen tipton
6. rock and roll singer
7. grace cathedral park
8. Have you forgotten
9. pancho villa
10. all mixed up

hope is just another rope I use to hang myself with


#11 04-11-2008 7:57pm

Registered: 04-11-2008
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Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

This is a dead thread, but here goes anyway.  The following lists favor relatively recent and more accessible material and are designed to make people fall in love with Mark Kozelek's music irrespective of their general tastes in music.  Obviously, I have no qualms about including covers or replicating track order from an album.

01 all mixed up
02 carry me, ohio
03 salvador sanchez
04 lily & parrots
05 neverending math equation
06 wop-a-din-din
07 song for a blue guitar
08 around and around
09 find me, ruben olivares
10 if you want blood
11 you ain't got a hold on me
12 mistress (piano version)
13 byrd joel
14 have you forgotten (songs for a blue guitar version)
15 ruth marie
16 ocean breathes salty

01 leo and luna
02 glenn tipton
03 i am a rock
04 japanese to english
05 gentle moon
06 metropol 47
07 summer dress
08 love hungry man
09 lights of magdala
10 exit does not exist
11 kentucky woman
12 lazy
13 shadows
14 cruiser
15 duk koo kim (gotgh version)
16 whiskey in the jar


#12 04-13-2008 6:23am

neverending math equation
Registered: 05-27-2006
Posts: 57

Re: Your ULTIMATE mk/rhp/skm mix cd

I actually made a mix cd of Mark's music last night that I'm giving to a couple friends at work. Here's the tracklist I made that I think is pretty balanced.

Duk Koo Kim (10" acoustic version)
Carry Me Ohio
Salvador Sanchez
Gentle Moon
Grace Cathedral Park
Katy Song
Have You Forgotten (vanilla sky version)
Cruiser (live from white christmas)
Ocean Breathes Salty
Drop (live)
Lost Verses


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