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#1 09-24-2008 4:00pm

the twilight kid
From: nyc
Registered: 01-26-2004
Posts: 118

What movie did you just see?


Saw Fellini's Nights of Cabiria last night. What a film! Giulietta Masina was/is adorable.


#2 09-24-2008 4:06pm

From: Bristol, England
Registered: 01-23-2005
Posts: 21

Re: What movie did you just see?

Just saw Anchorman. Hilarious.


#3 09-24-2008 7:51pm

From: Roch,NY
Registered: 12-06-2003
Posts: 662

Re: What movie did you just see?

go see Righteous Kill its realli good !

<-- that's me & Koz , Dec 03 & Voo Doo Fire !


#4 09-25-2008 7:55am

beginning's eve
From: Atlanta, GA
Registered: 01-05-2005
Posts: 655

Re: What movie did you just see?

one of my favorite films of the year so far is "The Fall" by Tarseem (aka guy who did The Cell)

visually, its one of the most beautiful films ive seen in years (up there with The Fountain, Pans Labrynth, The Science of Sleep, etc.) and the story balances perfectly between comedy and drama...

it was just released on dvd and Blu-Ray, and id highly reccomend checking it out if you havent yet.

and yes, Elusive, Righteous Kill wasnt too bad, a bit darker than i expected, but i enjoyed it nonetheless!

and im sure by now most of you have already seen Dark Knight, but if not, definitely check it out, best film of the year so far imo, especially for an action/superhero film, its quality film making on so many levels...

and the open drapes look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes...


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