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#1 08-01-2011 11:36pm

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08/05/11 @ Field Day Festival, London, England (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 08-06-2011 6:04pm

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Re: 08/05/11 @ Field Day Festival, London, England (Mark solo)

Reports of a new, happy, chatty Mark have been greatly exaggerated! He was back to his surly best for this one. He played:

Up to my neck in you
Heron Blue
Carry Me Ohio
Glenn Tipton
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes

And made it through, despite complaining - after just about every song - about the impossibility of competing with
the fairground music drifting into the tent. He compared it to trying to have sex with someone who is on the phone; this
got a big laugh at the time but typing it doesn't really work, does it? He took it out on the sound guy a bit, giving
him an evil stare at one point as though he thought he had the power to shut down the rides. I think he should roll out
'Rollercoaster' on these sort of occasions.

He played a straight-ahead strummed version of '...ohio' and nothing from AFP. Union Chapel should be better.


#3 08-08-2011 12:31am

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Re: 08/05/11 @ Field Day Festival, London, England (Mark solo)

In a funny way that's reassuring to see as I thought that the sudden change to Mr Happy Clappy might have been solely in order to promote the DVD....... whereas in fact he's reverted back to type as if to say "Hey if you think this is bad how about buying a DVD with almost 2 hours of SpongeMark Whingepants?"
That been said I can't wait to see him in Kilkenny next Sunday.


#4 08-08-2011 4:32am

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Re: 08/05/11 @ Field Day Festival, London, England (Mark solo)

Forgot about the Danzig stuff and for a minute thought that he was playing the Big Star song. Wouldabeennice.


#5 08-12-2011 1:46am

Jebus Sabes
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Re: 08/05/11 @ Field Day Festival, London, England (Mark solo)


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