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#1 11-05-2011 9:03pm

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11/07/11 @ Alladin Theater, Portland, OR (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 11-10-2011 1:12am

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Re: 11/07/11 @ Alladin Theater, Portland, OR (Mark solo)

Somewhat disappointing gig. The setlist included (I lacked anything to write this down in order):

Natural Light
Half Moon Bay
"cities" song
"young girl/old man" song
"girl sleeping on the stoop" song
Down Through
Glenn Tipton
Send In The Clowns
Heron Blue
Blue Orchids
Australian Winter
Third And Seneca
Church Of The Pines
Space Travel Is Boring
Four Fingered Fisherman

There were maybe a couple more (Like The River?) but I think that about covers it. Maybe one more new song or so?

The show was fine musically, but Mark was super talkative tonight, and it distracted from the flow of the show. The last gig at the Aladdin was incredibly powerful, visceral even; this felt somewhat forced, even though Mark was in better voice tonight than I've heard him in a while. He did manage to harass a guy who had a copy of his book, and have a running conversation with a guy who had brought his six year old son.

Highlights for me were Down Through, Cruiser, a killer Send In The Clowns, Natural Light and the surprise Space Travel. I've never known him to play that live, so that was good. The new songs are all pretty good as well; it'll be interesting to see where he takes them. But as I said, the amount of banter really prevented the show from settling into any sort of groove. Of course, I'll see him again the next time he comes through, let's just hope he's not so talkative.

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