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#1 01-31-2012 11:10pm

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02/06/12 @ L3 Nightclub, St. Catharine's, ON (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 02-07-2012 12:08pm

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Re: 02/06/12 @ L3 Nightclub, St. Catharine's, ON (Mark solo)

I brought my handy little digital recorder to the show and captured some nice audio, even got a few new songs. The files are big - all and all about 610MB, FYI.

I apologize for my clearly audible breathing in a few tracks! Such is the fate of non-soundboard recording when you're holding the mic right in front of your face! Sorry. No mastering, no enhancing, just sharing as I captured it.

Also, got some signature Koz banter in these recordings, including the "you're annoying the f*ck out of me" comment 5 minutes into the show and plenty of playful jabs at Canadians, hipsters, tennis-shoed males, nerds, The Mountain Goats, and various other people who are not Mark Kozelek wink

Here's what I got!
new song #1 (Sunshine in Chicago??)
new song #2
new song #3
new song #4
Third and Seneca
Church of Pines


#3 02-07-2012 5:55pm

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Re: 02/06/12 @ L3 Nightclub, St. Catharine's, ON (Mark solo)

Thanks so much for these. Looking forward to listening to the new songs a bit more closely to see where I come down on them. At the Boston show, I particularly enjoyed 'Sunshine in Chicago', 'New Song #3', and 'New Song #4'. Not as crazy about the rest of the new stuff he played. Lyrically, I felt underwhelmed at times, and the compositions as a whole seemed "two-dimensional," i.e. almost as if Mark's vocals and guitar weren't so much complementing each other as running alongside concurrently.


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