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#1 02-07-2012 4:13am

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MK's new songwriting style on Desertshore release

Am I the only one that think all the songs on Drawing of Threes showcase a strongly new songwriting style for Kozelek ?

These songs are much more concise, built on short sentences (two to three words) with more repetition and a certain playfulness when it comes to the use of consonances and assonances. They have a certain lullaby quality to them. They also have choruses which is rare in his own songs !

Somehow I think they're involved with the same themes but have a very different approach. I really like it, it's refreshing. Although I don't like all the songs on the record I think it makes a welcome change from the infinite trail of solo live recreation of songs.


#2 02-07-2012 5:46pm

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Re: MK's new songwriting style on Desertshore release

As far as I know, although Mark penned the lyrics and the almost inaudible basslines, he wasn't the primary force in the songwriting process. I agree that the playfulness is a refreshing change of pace, but I'm not so optimistic that it's indicative of where Mark's material is headed. Check out some of the new songs Mark played the other night if you haven't already:

At any rate, I'll be very interested in the next Desertshore release.


#3 02-08-2012 1:44pm

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Re: MK's new songwriting style on Desertshore release

About new songwriting: On may 29th Sun Kil Moon will release a new album called Among The Leaves.


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