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#1 03-31-2011 2:45am

Jebus Sabes
From: UK
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The Elephant in the Living Room (film)

"The film revolves around Tim Harrison, a type-A Ohio cop whose encounters with escaped exotics has fostered a dedication to their protection, and Terry Brumfield, a soft-spoken but unhappy truck driver increasingly overwhelmed by the responsibilities of keeping several lions."

"the drippy synth score by David E. Russo with a couple of perplexingly placed songs by Mark Kozelek grates." … m-2360418/


#2 02-16-2012 11:52pm

Site Owner
From: Bay Area
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Re: The Elephant in the Living Room (film)

Good documentary, but yeah.. weird placement of Kozelek tunes.

They used Heron Blue, Tonight the Sky and Carry Me Ohio.


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