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#16 02-28-2012 12:03pm

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Re: 07/08/11 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

Cruiser64 says:  And he wrote a song backstage about summer in Chicago that he played, some of it light, some of it about visiting his uncle (Joe?) here as a kid for three months one summer.               ------------------------------------ really?,i listened to "sunshine in chicago",once ,so far, but i missed that lyric. i commented about "uncle joe" ,awhile back on another thread,and afterwards,felt like ,i left out an important part:mark told me a member of american music club ,asked him about uncle joe,and mark told him ,uncle joe ,was his  girlfriend,me being his girlfriend ,asked ,"so who is uncle joe,really?" ,and mark said "you are".i said: why am i uncle joe? . and mark said ,you just are. i said : you dont have an uncle joe? mark said no, i said: an uncle steve and your just callin him joe for the song ? and mark said no. i just looked at mark and said: well who spit in who's beer,i dont drink beer,and mark shrugged his shoulders.-----i am  so delighted ,to hear i'm not "really" uncle joe(felt like a beard). but, the lyric:"but there's no company ,i can stand to be with me,so my dependency on you grows"is definately re-uppin med bottle,and  in line with real time,and we really did almost lose our house,and i yelled at mark that he had to "READ" the paper from the lawyer.-----so who the real uncle joe?idk.   (doggie, i posted this for you, cuz, you were the one who asked me about "uncle joe" on that other thread)----------  good call- pjingy,mark's a lucky guy, he has a cool fan site,and cool fans.


#17 02-28-2012 6:40pm

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Re: 07/08/11 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

I got it wrong, he was talking about his dad visiting HIS uncle in Chicago.


#18 03-01-2012 6:57am

Make Like Paper 420
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Re: 07/08/11 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

i see there's an album cover for this record up on caldo verde. really keen to hear it. just out of interest, DID anyone tape the show perhaps?

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#19 03-02-2012 1:27pm

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Re: 07/08/11 @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL (Mark solo)

mrdaj78 wrote:

Set List, In order, looked like this -

01 Thirteen
02 New Partner
03 River
04 Half Moon Bay
05 "1st New Desertshore Song"
06 "Sunshine In Chicago" ("A song I just wrote backstage.")
07 Third and Seneca
08 (A GORGEOUS) New Song
09 Australian Winter
10 Up to My Neck In You
11 All Mixed Up
12 Carry Me Ohio
13 Like the River
14 Church of the Pines
15 Heron Blue
16 Trucker's Atlas
17 Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
18 Moorestown
19 Summer Dress
20 Alesund
21 Duk Koo Kim
22 "2nd New Desertshore Song"

This was my second time getting to see Mark, and dude does not disappoint. A beautiful night overall, despite the already mentioned super-odd/conversational crowd and the obnoxious drunk girl next to us in the balcony who spilled her beer on my shoes in between professing her love to Mark loudly between songs. hmm

Any chance anyone failed to honor Mark's wishes and recorded things? Those new ones were beautiful.

Looks like this is the new live album, do you think they edited all the commentary from Mark?


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