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#1 07-18-2011 12:21pm

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Nights of Passed Over (english) for sale.


i didn't realize this place existed until i did some research on reviews of this book since i was going to put it on ebay. So i figured maybe i should try to sell it here first.

the book i have is the 2008 pressing, and does NOT include the free cd.

it goes for $150+ on amazon ( … 081&sr=8-1 ), but i'm willing to take offers much lower as long as it's reasonable.

the outer (removable) book cover has some light wear, nothing too bad but the book itself is in great condition.

online selling references: … sofnothing … llFeedback

i can accept paypal only, make me an offer!


#2 03-17-2012 10:29pm

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Re: Nights of Passed Over (english) for sale.

i too am selling Nights Of Passed Over, complete with CD. both book and CD are in almostn new condition. the book has not been browsed at all, the CD is as bought (minor scuffing due to the flimsy packaging, was placed in a clear bag as soon as it was received). the set is on and my asking price is 120 euros including shipping worldwide. i welcome offers.

thanks to Jason for permitting me to post this.


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