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#1 03-15-2012 10:00pm

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relatively recent record rips... ?

been looking for digitized/mp3 versions of 'vinyl only' tracks from Lost Verse Live [15. I Am a Rock & 16. Last Tide/Floating] and Admiral Fell [11.Australian Winter (live in St. Malo, France) & 12. Blue Orchids (live in St. Malo, France)]    i have the vinyl but am technologically and financially challenged as to how to get it onto an on-the-go format....   help!?    thanks!


#2 05-25-2012 10:55am

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Re: relatively recent record rips... ?

I have the Lost Verses LP bonus tracks digitized, but not the 2 bonus tracks from the Admiral Fell vinyl.  Did you have an luck getting these? Or does does anyone else?  Please send me an email.


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