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#1 06-15-2012 2:26pm

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RIP Tim Mooney :(

Ghosts of the Great Highway drummer and drummer for American Music Club Tim Mooney died today..

From Mark Eitzel:

I haven't seen Tim for a few years now but that still didn't lessen the impact of his passing. He was the drummer of AMC for many years. He was absolutely instrumental in whatever sound we had. His style was absolutely unique and as an artist no one could match what he did. He was a good friend to so many people and will be missed. What an absolute loss. I wish all the best to his wife Jude and his daughter Dixie. I have spent all day in a fog thinking about him.


#2 06-15-2012 8:36pm

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Re: RIP Tim Mooney :(

That sucks. I'm sure he will be missed.


#3 06-16-2012 2:05am

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Re: RIP Tim Mooney :(

:-( sad news

From Mark Kozelek

I knew Tim Mooney for over 20 years. As many Red House Painters' fans may know, American Music Club was very helpful in giving Red House Painters our start. Later on, Tim played drums on my first solo album, Rock’n’ Roll Singer, and then on Sun Kil Moon’s Ghosts Of The Great Highway. We shared many long days and hours together. Tim was a peaceful, patient, and incredibly talented person. The last time I saw Tim was in 2009, in Petaluma, he was having ice cream with his daughter. He was as happy and content as ever. This photo was taken during my work with him at Toast Recording Studios, in San Francisco. I’ve been overwhelmed with memories of Tim since learning of the news yesterday. My heart goes out to his family, his many friends, and to the members of AMC


#4 07-01-2012 10:25am

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Re: RIP Tim Mooney :(


#5 07-03-2012 6:19am

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Re: RIP Tim Mooney :(

Admirable indeed


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