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#1 10-03-2012 9:24pm

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10/05/12 @ Il Motore, Montreal, Quebec (Mark solo)

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


#2 10-07-2012 4:08pm

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Re: 10/05/12 @ Il Motore, Montreal, Quebec (Mark solo)

I attended this show on Friday. I had originally meant to see Mark play live back in 2006 at The Main Hall but I got lost and never made it. It was such a disappointment and I had been waiting so long to see him live. Finally, the day came. It was a nice, quaint show. Mark seemed to be in a pleasant mood as he was cracking jokes with the crowd and asking female fans what their requests were. It was the last night in this leg of the tour so that's probably why he wanted to leave it on a high.

The venue, Il Motore, was tiny. There was a bar in the back and around 3 tables with some chairs and the floor was quite small. I had never seen this but everyone sat on the floor and looked up at Mark. He commented on this, saying something along the lines of: "So this is what you do in Montreal hm? Just sit on the floor?" He commented about how he liked Montreal and how he managed to get layed the previous 2 times he was here and how he was hoping it could happen again that night big_smile

He came on at around 9:00pm and got off stage at around 11:30pm. It was quite a long set list. He came on and did an encore, playing Cruiser and Natural Light. He played a few songs that I did not recognize, so I believe these are new ones. They were both incredible and moving.

There was, however, this incredibly annoying jackass who would not shut the hell up. He tried talking to everyone around him, loudly, about random things such as beer, his car, his birthday, and how he's only in Montreal for a short time. He didn't even know who Mark was. People were quite fed up with him, many telling him to shut the **** up repeatedly but he never got the message.

Apart from that it was a really nice show. It was very tight-knit. Mark had to walk through the crowd to get to the stage and just mingled with everyone afterwards. I got to meet him, shake his hand, take a picture with him and talk to him about his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show briefly. He seemed to be more interested in the lady-folk then the men. big_smile

One negative thing is that the picture I got did not work which is a bummer, but at least I can say I finally got to meet him after all these years. He played lots of songs from Among the Leaves and the crowd requested some AC/DC tunes which he played, notably Rock n Roll Singer and If you want blood. He asked a woman in the crowd what she'd like to hear and to my content, she said Alesund, which is a song I really wanted to hear him play. Off the top of my head, these are the songs I remember him playing, although I'm missing quite a lot:

In no particular order:

Get along home cindy
Jesus Christ was an only child
Carry me Ohio
If you want blood
Rock n roll singer
Natural Light
UK blues
Sunshine in Chicago
The moderately talented...
Black kite
I known it's pathetic...
That bird has a broken wing
The Winery
Track number 8
You are my sun
Glenn Tipton - to which he forgot the lyrics mid-way and had to be reminded by audience members
Have you forgotten

The new songs, upon checking other reviews here, could be:

"Missed My Heart"
"Ceiling Gazing"
"Bon Scott's Grave"

Can't remember the others, but there were others.

All in all, a great night. I'm excited to see him play on the late show tomorrow.

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